Another life saved. Another hero surfaces

Anther Maine story of an almost death from opioid overdose.

Because of the quick actions of Officer Erick Halpin of the Damariscotta Police Department this man has a chance to live a full life. Halpin and his collegues carry two doses of Narcan everyday when they work, and on June 2 Halpin used both.

Here is a quote from the Lincoln County News article published by the Bangor Daily News:

Halpin was dispatched to respond to a potential overdose in Damariscotta just after 1 p.m. When he arrived, he found a man in his 30s who “appeared to be deceased,” according to interim Damariscotta police Chief Jason Warlick.

The man was not breathing and did not have a pulse, Halpin said. His skin was cold to the touch and started to turn color.

Halpin immediately used both doses of the Narcan nasal spray he carries and performed CPR until Central Lincoln County Ambulance Service arrived minutes later, Warlick said.

This lucky man gets another chance. He gets another opportunity to get help and treatment, and to be part of society. He appeared dead, and because of Narcan and Halpin he regained consciousness. Instead of another sad statistic of a death, we have the good news of a life saved.

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