The 3 main things leaders should focus on to curb opioid epidemic

Over the past two months I have been reading, researching, searching and thinking about articles and topics to blog about, things you want to read. I skim lots of stuff. I think we all do. Last week a headline caught my eye as I skimmed the BDN.

Ready for it? Maybe you saw it, too: Health officials vow to develop drugs to curb the opioid epidemic.

Vow! Isn’t that like a full-fledged promise? So, I slowed down and read this article. I hope you do too. Here is the part that had the most impact on me:

The goal is to rapidly bring to market three types of drugs: nonaddictive medications for chronic pain, better treatments for opioid addiction and improved methods of reversing opioid overdoses.

Doesn’t that say it all? Isn’t that exactly what we need. Will it work?

Medication that will not be addictive and will help those with severe chronic pain. There. There is our answer.

Please take a few minutes, don’t skim, read this article by Lenny Bernstein of the Washington Post. It gives me hope. Something we all need these days.