Monthly Archives: March 2016

Poll: We blame docs and patients alike for opioid crisis, and prefer treatment to jail

Americans place the blame for the opiate epidemic on providers nearly as much as they do on those with substance use disorders, according to an eye-opening poll released recently by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and STAT, which is produced by Boston Globe Media. The survey also found that people are more supportive of treatment, not punishment, for people […]

3 tips for how to best store prescription painkillers

You have friends and family over to your home. You may have grandchildren who are lively and observant, and play around in your bedroom, bathrooms or kitchen. If you have prescription opioids in your home, it’s good to be very mindful of where to keep them. The National Safety Council compares the importance of storing opioid medications securely to […]

Here are bills to watch that would change how opioid painkillers are prescribed

On March 2, our friends at the Portland Press Herald, the Bangor Daily News and other media outlets published articles about the heroin battle facing the nation and the aggressive stand Maine is seeking to take with new rules for prescribing opioids. The bill the LePage administration introduced on Wednesday, March 2, would create new restrictions on prescribing […]